Online Learning

Program online pregatitor - asigura bazele si cunostintele teoretice cheie necesare lucrului practic. Este o parghie foarte utila celor ce opteaza pentru o intalnire fata in fata de tip "practica de sala" (Classroom Practice). Asimilarea inainte de intalnire a cunostintelor cheie prin elemente multimedia si quizz-uri interactive ne va permite sa utilizam la maxim timpul din sala in exercitii, simulari si rezolvare de probleme.

Classroom Practice

Aplicarea cunostintelor despre tema studiata in exercitii si simulari. Veti exersa si aprofunda ceea ce ati invatat in programul online pregatitor. Pe langa lucrul cu exercitii si studii de caz veti proiecta, executa si imbunatati procese de lucru reale cu rezultate reale. Programul formeaza competente practice prin concentrarea pe rezolvarea de probleme selectate din mediul de afaceri romanesc.

Gemba Practice

Program unic de pregatire desfasurat direct in teren prin rezolvarea de probleme reale cu miza reala: reduceri de costuri, imbuntatirea parametrilor de performanta, reducerea risipei asociate activitatilor, s.a. Acest tip de program este sustinut atat in sistem In-House cat si Open si reprezinta cea mai de impact forma de interventie, cu o rata excelenta de intoarcere a investitiei.
David Brown

“Petre is without doubt one of the best training and development experts I have ever worked with. Professional and hard working with years of training experience in both creating and delivery training to all business sectors, this has given him an all round experienced approach to learning [].”


“We have worked with Petre in several OD & Training interventions and now I can say that he is a great and reliable consultant but also the best trainer that I know. During our collaboration he demonstrated a true interest to understand and support the client, the business, the processes involved and the mechanism behind all of them. []”

Andrei mic crop

“Petre is a world-class expert in trainings, development and learning. We’ve built together an enterprise product and he did an excellent job in analysis and designing it.”